Chat rules

User rules

1. Roleplaying is allowed as long as it starts with "rp:"

2. You MUST NOT disrespect people for what they enjoy

3. Please keep swearing in if you can. You may swear but try not to.

4. If you break any rules don't be suprised and angered if you get kicked, or we will just ban you.

5. Outgoing links purely are just not allowed unless user got permission from Mattyh2k1 (me, founder) or it's a Community Wikia link.

6. If asking Mattyh2k1 for a link chat request you PM him the link and explain WHY. invalid links/reasons will be DECLINED & maclicious links will be DECLINED.(It's a confusing link system but bare with me with this.)

Administrator rules

1. ALL languages allowed in chat, however if they CAN speak english then ask them POLITLEY to speak english 


3. If you ban someone for no reason I'll bring you down, i'll bring you down.

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